Roaming: London

I’m so excited to be heading to London next week and I wanted to share with you guys visually how awesome my trip was last summer! Honestly this was one of the best summers of my life and I was surrounded by really amazing people and artist. London is second home for me and every time I land I feel like I get a piece of myself back. 

Big shout out to all my friends who were a part of making my experience unforgettable and thank you to Jehireh Peraza for coming with me on all these adventures and Che Lingo and Ejike for helping me film the scenes that you see me in! The rest of the video was shot and edited by Me!

Enjoy! :)


Amarachi Nwosu

Embracing the Now:

Instead of consuming things that force you to compare yourself to others, use the NOW to be the person you’ve always wanted to be.

The NOW is the only moment that truly matters.

How can you truly cultivate the future if your not adding value to the NOW?

Vision is the first step to cultivating a goal, but action and determination is what brings it to life!

With every moment you have the power to not only reinvent the NOW but you also have the power to create the future, YOUR FUTURE!


Sometimes it’s so easy to get lost in the sea of information we consume everyday that we forget to embrace the NOW.

But not everything we consume is significant to our future or our growth.

Sometimes the things we consume can be more toxic for our mental health than we think.

So why spend so much time and energy doing something that doesn’t bring you happiness or give you a clearer vision of whom you want to be?

So as you dream and envision your future, how are you working towards that future NOW?

Are you utilizing the NOW to speak those dreams into existence?


      Written By:

         Amarachi Nwosu



Roaming: Los Angeles

Being that I’m so excited for my trip to LA tomorrow I wanted to share this video that I made on my first visit to LA last march. This was also the first video I had ever edited in my life and is what sparked my passion for film. With the help of my best friend Feyi we documented to remember our experience and share with our friends.

I want to show you guys my growth and how far I’ve come from this video and also introduce you to my new YouTube channel for personal videos like this and some cool projects i'll be releasing in the next coming weeks. I want this video to show everyone that where you start doesn't determine how far you can go, If you are interested in videography or filmmaking; nothing can stop you but you!

I hope you guys enjoy and please subscribe to my channel and share if you like it :)



Amarachi Nwosu

To New Beginnings

It’s not the start of a new year or a new month, but today marks a new chapter in my life. Instead of waiting for the validation of new seasons I am choosing to use everyday to reinvent myself and become a better version of myself.

A year ago I stopped fearing my destiny and decided to fully use my creative talents and pursue a career out of visual storytelling. Whether this means photographing, filming or writing I want to make my mark on this world by telling my story and the story of those I meet.

I want to use my platform to inspire, motivate and push the culture.

So excited for what the future holds and expect more blog post’s in the future!


Amarachi Nwosu